Why Choose Us?

We’re used to doing business with high-risk merchants who just want to run their business with a minimum of fuss. While many established online firearms retailers have found a way to establish themselves online, there are many others who are looking to get in on this lucrative business. As gun sales rise across the country, new entrepreneurs keep popping up to take advantage of this exciting online retail market. Don’t get left behind. You want to be on the ground floor of eCommerce gun sales. When you trust us to build and protect your brand online, you’re not just getting world-class customer service and help setting up a few POS systems. With us, you’ll get:

-Round-the-clock customer care

-Low processing rates

-Zero hidden fees or charges

-Competitive rates for small businesses

-Accessible customer service

-Help with major banks and processors

-Unparalleled tech support

-Wireless processing

-iPhone accounts for on-the-go merchants

-Help with online processing and transactions

-Easy mobile swipe technology for gun shows and easy sales

-Help with the application process

If you’re tired of seeing your business suffer because of red tape and freeze-outs by banks, you need our help. As a service offering first-rate support to online firearms merchants, we know how to speak to banks and get you set up with the right processing services. With the firearms industry growing by leaps and bounds, there’s plenty of room for everyone to make a killing. Why limit yourself simply by using inadequate gun merchant services? With 32% of American households taking part in gun ownership, it’s a better time than ever to set up an online firearms merchant account. Even if you’re only selling accessories and survival gear, you’ll still need help clearing the hurdles set up by banks as a way of not having to deal with high-risk merchants and clients. With so much bias against the gun industry present in the corporate offices of banks and credit card processors, it helps to have someone on your side who will make the process of online sales that much easier.

Working With You to Grow Your Business

Online sales are booming, even for businesses that are considered high-risk by banks. If you want to be part of the growing business of online firearms sales, it’s going to take more than setting up a site and a basic payment gateway. You’ll need to make sure to market yourself the right way and create a site that won’t limit customers’ ability to use different types of payment and credit to purchase your goods. Whether you sell guns, knives, survival gear, ammunition, or other hunting goods, you need to make sure you’re staying compliant with Federal laws surrounding gun sales without limiting your visibility online. We can help you create a web presence that’s completely user-friendly and open to multiple different types of safe, secure online payment processing.

Take Your Show on the Road

To find the latest models and newest innovations in the field of guns and ammo retail, you’re going to need to hit the road every once and again to check out the gun shows and see what’s new. Taking advantage of these types of markets is huge if you want to have a growing, thriving business. We make it easy for you to make spur-of-the-moment sales wherever you are, whether at a gun show, an auction, or set up in a traditional dealership. Don’t limit your sales by losing out on better ways to send and receive payment. The competition is fierce out there, but with our help, you can come out on top of the game and make more sales than ever before with your online firearms merchant processing account.

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