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For payments on the GO
For payments on the GO

This all-in-one mobile solution efficiently and securely processes transactions anywhere.The compact ergonomic design provides easy transport any busy day.The iWL250G supports a full range of payment types including,credit ,debit,EBT and gift cards through an easy-to-use solution.And it’s ready for acceptance of secure EMV “chip” cards,protecting you and your customers from counterfeit card fraud.The iWl250G also has integrated Contactless technology that extends the convenience of “tap and go” payments and prepares you for the acceptance of mobile wallets.

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Benefits at a Glance:

  • Portable payment processing is great for delivery,kiosks and much more.Eliminates the need for a phone line or internet connection
  • The wireless SIM card automatically detects the best carrier signal providing reliable coverage
  • Ready for EMV chip cards
  • Contactless payment capabilities

Optional Accessories

Car Charger: Power your terminal or charge your battery as needed

Spare Battery: An extra battery for high volume environments or while on the road.

Spare Charging /Communication Dock: Charge your battery between uses.

Power Supply: An extra power cord for the charging/communication dock

Carrying Case: For added protection and carrying convenience.

All-inclusive Solution

Supports payment types including : credit,PIN debit,electronic gift card and electronic benefits transfer (EBT)

All-in-one integrated terminal with compact “hand-over” design

Efficient ∓ Secure

Supports latest security for PIN based transactions

Contactless capabilities provide customers a convenient and speedy way to pay with chip cards,key fobs or mobile wallets.

Ready for the future of EMV chip card technology

Simple to Use & Flexible

Ergonomic “hand-over” design allows for easy customer input

Easy-to-follow key functions simplify clerk training

Automated download features keeps your payment application up to date with the latest enhancement

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