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High Risk Merchant Account Processing Services

S&S Bankcard Systems has solutions for “High Risk” Businesses with both Domestic and/or Offshore processors regardless of business type, return/chargeback rates and/or credit history.
These business types include but are not necessarily limited to:

We have a processing options to meet your specific needs.

Travel Business

Retail travel agencies, Private jet companies, Tour companies, Airline ticket brokers.

Bail bonds companies

Face to face payments, Online payments, Mobile payments, Recurring payments, we can accommodate all your processing needs.

Gun friendly processors

Retail, Ecommerce and Trade shows.

Pharmacy / online Pharmacy Mercants

Online pharmacies, Recurring billing, B2B

High Risk Mail Order Website

Continuity, Recurring payments & Chargeback problems. Ask about our account updater.


Limousine companies, Event planning with delay of delivery, Adult entertainment.


Ask about our account updater. How would you like to be able to get updated expiration dates without having to contact your customers? Recurring billing, Monthly or quarterly subscriptions, SEO, Website hosting, Internet marketing, Computer support.

Jewelry merchant Processing

High end watches, Rolex, Cartier, Diamond brokers, Custom jewelry.

Vape Merchant Processing

Online and retail

Nutraceutical Merchant Processing

Continuity, Account updater, Recurring billing, Chargeback prevention, B2B, B2C, Wholesale

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