What is PCI compliance and why does it matter?

If you already run a business, you’ll be familiar with PCI DSS, a set of rules for creating secure credit card transactions. These were set up to help businesses stay safe from credit card fraud and cyber-attacks. We take PCI compliance very seriously. So many large companies, from huge corporate entities like Target to small E-commerce sites, have been the victims of large-scale data hacks breaches. When a business gets hacked, it doesn’t just leave customers open to danger. It destroys any trust between a business and its patrons. PCICompliance.org.

What happens if my account is already on hold?

This is a great question and it happens a lot. The RISK or CREDIT departments can place a hold on a merchants funds for a variety of reasons…they can even suspend or close your account with or without notice.  We are the BEST at helping our merchants in these situations….

How do I contact you with questions?

Call us any time at 1-888-444-4727 with any questions, concerns, or issues.

What if I’m only selling hemp-based CBD oil?

CBD, is considered a high-risk transaction by most major banks. Call us we can help.

What if I’m only interested in E-Commerce?

Not a problem. We provide support to E-Commerce CBD merchants

How do I receive training?

We’ll take care of that. Once your account is approved, we will schedule a time for your training and you’ll receive all the information you need to start taking payments.

What happens if I have a problem after normal work hours?

We have 24/7 customer support.

We offer standard and next day funding to the bank of your choice.

Can I set up direct deposit?

Of course. All funds will be deposited into your account, with a standard 24-28 hour waiting period.

What kind of checking account do I need?

If you’re not working as a corporation, and individual checking account is fine. However, if you’re a corporate merchant, you’ll need to set up a business account through your bank.

What types of terminals are supported by S&S?

We support:

• iPad POS Systems
• Mobile payment devices, smart phone, ipads…
• standalone counter top terminals
• wireless credit card machines
• Payment Gateways for Ecommerce or Virtual terminals

Are you paying too much to accept credit cards?

Fill in the blanks below with information from your statement

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Questions: info@snsbankcard.com
Call Toll Free: (888)-444-4727