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When it comes to CBD companies, the plain truth is that almost all banks consider them risky. S&S has been providing traditional domestic merchant accounts to the CBD industry since 2017 through our payments partner Elavon and our sponsoring bank US Bank.  S & S was the company that convinced Elavon to enter the CBD space. We took on the responsibility of helping monitor our CBD customers and keep them in compliance.  We did exhaustive research and continually provided information to Elavon.  We had to overcome many obstacles to make Elavon and US Bank comfortable with the CBD industry.  Because we have a 20 year relationship with Elavon and US Bank this trickles down to our merchants.  By doing business with S&S, it gives our merchants access at the highest levels at Elavon and US Bank.  Our merchants have the best of both worlds, concierge type of processing relationship provided by S & S backed by the processing power of Elavon and US Bank.  Remember we were the first to process CBD merchants with Elavon.  We were offering that service at a time when no one else could.  We dealt with security issues, card association reviews, US Bank questions, and compliance and regulatory issues.  When it comes to your CBD merchant account, We have more experience with Elavon and US Bank than anyone.

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Praise for Jeff Skelton and S&S Bankcard Systems

Tony Elka, 10-year customer

“It seems that no matter how smoothly things go with the various credit card services, we hit a bump in the road with each of them every 3 to 4 years. I always know that a quick call or email to Jeff will either get the problem resolved, or have us set-up with a new service within 24 hours. Jeff is that good and that reliable. S&S is one of the reasons we can sleep at night!”

Dalton Bush, longtime customer

“Jeff and his team are exceptional. I have been through all the different Credit Card Processors, including Square, Paypal, and a few other big name processors and NO ONE has the level of customer service as S&S… I was referred to these guys from a neighbor who had been working with Jeff for years, and I am SO glad I did… Jeff has gone above and beyond on multiple occasions to make sure we were happy. He loans out wireless terminals for all the trade shows we do at no extra cost to us, and at one event we thought we had a problem with the terminal while at a show in OC, and he was willing to drive on a Saturday from Los Angeles to OC to drop off a part we needed to process transactions. Who does that?!”

Adrienne Karazissis, Manager of West Palms Events

“S&S provides truly unmatched customer service. One day last year at Flintridge, our credit card machine went down. S&S President Jeff Skelton dropped everything and raced over with new machines to save the day. S&S understands that we often have late or unpredictable hours, and they are always available to help us at a moment’s notice.”

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