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High Risk Merchant Account Processing Services

High Risk Merchant Accounts

S&S Bankcard Systems has solutions for "High Risk” Businesses with both Domestic and/or Offshore processors regardless of business type, return/chargeback rates and/or credit history.

These business types include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Travel Businesses/Agencies 
  • Collection Agencies 
  • Credit Repair 
  • Established Legal Gaming 
  • Pharmacy/Online Pharmacy Merchants 
  • Higher Risk Mail Order Web Sites 
  • Entertainment 
  • Content/Subscription 
  • Other 

We have a processing options to meet your specific needs.

For Questions About high Risk Merchant Accounts

To answer any questions you may have about High Risk Merchant Processing Services and how this affects the way you process credit card transactions contact Jeff Skelton at (888) 444-4727 or email